Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ringette?

Ringette is a sport played mostly by girls, on a regular ice rink with a ring and a ringette stick. The stick looks like a cut off hockey stick however, it is actually a stick especially made for ringette. The equipment required for players is similar to hockey except for the helmet face mask which has a cage designed to ensure the ringette stick does not go through it. Each game consists of only two periods. The rules are somewhat similar to hockey but the game encourages much more passing than hockey. The ring cannot be passed the length of the ice without being passed from one player to the next over each blue line. IT IS NOT HOCKEY!

What are the rules of Ringette?

The following websites contain information on the rules of ringette: - Ringette Canada/About Ringette/How Ringette is Played (good graphics) - Ringette Alberta/About Ringette/Overview of the Game

When is registration?

Registration is usually in the spring for the following September/October season start. It is done on-line and fees must accompany registration.

What is the time commitment required for Ringette?

There will be one practice ice time assigned to each team once per week as well as extra ice time for Athlete Development. The first two or three weeks the practice times may vary but the practice will be set to a specific day, time and arena for the remainder of the season. The regular season usually begins around Thanksgiving and ends in February. Playoffs are usually done by the end of March.
Games can vary but usually are one, sometimes two games per weekend. Away games are in and around the Calgary area. They will be at different times and arenas over the weekend and may occasionally fall on a week night. We belong to Zone 2 which may include Airdrie, Strathmore, Indus, Rockyford and Hussar . Our home games are either at the Cochrane Original Arena, or the Totem Arenas at Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Complex.
Most teams will elect to participate in tournaments. The number of tournaments entered is totally up to the team (parents) and the coach. The location is also up to the team and the coach as some are close to town and some are far away. As a rough estimate, most teams will do two tournaments over the year and may involve weekends out of town. The tournaments are a great deal of fun and a wonderful way for the teams to compete and enjoy the sport of ringette.
Parents are also required to help out with the team in such roles as coaching, manager, timekeepers, jersey parent and any other roles the team may feel they require. All parents are expected to participate in helping the team throughout the year.

What are the fees?

The fees vary depending on the age group.
Fees are for budgeted practice ice and home games. Also included in the fees is the game jersey loan.
Not included are Ahtlete Development, tournament fees or other events the team may choose to participate in (ie. power skating).
For those who qualify, subsidized funding for athletes is available through KidSport or Lindsay's Kids.

Are there any other costs during the season?

The fees for ringette cover the ice time for budgeted practices, league games and some exhibition games.
Any fees for tournaments or other extra ice time are over and above the fees for ringette. As well, any costs for travel, lodging and food for out of town tournaments will be at the players expense. Any other events the team wishes to participate in will not be covered by the ringette fees noted above.
There could also be additional fees for Athlete Development. If Cochrane Ringette Association fundraising dollars do not cover the cost of athlete development then the teams are required to make up the difference.

What equipment is required?

The equipment required is as shown on our website under the 'Information' drop down menu and clicking on 'Equipment'.
The ringette stick is not just a cut off hockey stick but a stick especially made for ringette. You must have a proper stick in order to play. Also the helmet mask is unique to ringette and must be a ringette mask in order to play on the ice. A practice jersey is also required as 'Rockies' jerseys are for games only.

Where can I buy Ringette equipment?

The equipment can be purchased at:
First Choice Sports (The Ringette Store÷, #108A 3604 52nd Avenue N.W., Calgary (near Northland Village Mall)
Also the Cochrane Ringette Association holds an equipment swap at the beginning of the season

Do we have to attend all practices and games?

Ringette is a team sport and relies on all the players to participate. Except for illness or other unusual circumstances, it is expected that players will attend all practices and games.

Do we have to host a tournament if we attend tournaments?

No, whether or not your team hosts a tournament is totally up to the team (parents) and coaches, with the approval of the Ringette Board.

Can I be a coach?

All parents are encouraged to enroll in the courses for coaches and managers. Coaches are required to have the Community Sport- Initiation Certificate (or equivalent) offered by Ringette Alberta. Registration costs for coaches clinics are reimbursed by Cochrane Ringette Association. Managers may also complete a self-paced certificate program through Ringette Canada.
There must be a certified female coach on the bench for every game.

What are the various levels for ringette age groups?

The names of the divisions and ages are as follows:
(All age groups are as of Dec. 31)
Active Start: 4,5,6 year olds; intended for new players to ringette that aren't ready to play games but rather need to develop skating skills. Typically kids that are 5 or younger are best candidates for this program.
U10 Step 1.2.3: 6 to 9 year olds
U12: 10 & 11 years old
U14: 12 & 13 years old
U16: 14 & 15 years old
U19: 16 ,17 & 18 years old

Can my child start ringette as an older child even though she has never played?

All players are encouraged to join ringette. However, if you wish to join in the later years it is strongly recommended that the child be a strong skater. It may also be difficult to slot older girls on the teams due numbers already on the team. For further information and discussion please contact the Ringette President.

If I have other questions, who can I contact?

Please contact the Ringette Registrar or Ringette President. Contact information can be found on

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