Electronic Game Sheets

Electronic Gamesheet Instructions


1. Home and Visiting teams are responsible to provide a minimum of 4 MINOR officials

- Home (2): Time Keeper and Scorekeeper (RAMP Game sheet App)

- Visitor (2): Shot Clock operator and 1 penalty box attendant

2. Home team must set their roster in game sheet APP 30 mins prior to the start of the game

3. Visitor team must set their roster in game sheet APP 30 mins prior to the start of the game

4. Players or Coaches can be edited if suspended or injured and must be changed in the roster

5. Discipline information will automatically be forwarded to the CRL Operations at the conclusion of the game

6. Visiting team must verify the game sheet as we currently do(please remember this verification is for the score and the completion of the game)


Score Keeper Responsibilities

Correctly completing the online score sheet while in the time keepers box is essential to ensure we have accurate record keeping. It is important that managers and parents are knowledgeable about the new online game sheet system.

It is the scorekeepers responsibility to ensure accurate game information is recorded on the electronic game sheet

The score keeper or 1 penalty box attendant may also aid in the score keeping by using a scratch pad to help keep track of goals, penalties and the times for accurate input of stats into the game sheet App

At the conclusion of the game the score keeper must ensure that all minor officials have been added to the game sheet (time keeper, score keeper, and shot clock operator) The goalies MUST be added to the game sheet at the conclusion of the game please fill in all fields as they are required for the upload of the goalies. The shots will need to be filled in, this field can use either accurate shots if tracked or just enter 1 shot per goal.



Referees must complete the game sheet on their own following the game. Referees should be checking for accuracy of the sheet as well as input of their information


Helpful Aids for Managers and Minor Officials

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