Board Descriptions

Thank you for your interest in a Director position for the Cochrane Rockies Ringette Association. Every ringette season all the volunteer director positions on the CRA board, are open to any CRA member that expresses interest in the role. The director roles are then assigned annually at the AGM, to one of the members that have voiced their interest.

The role is assigned to the interested member that will best meet the needs of the position, as determined by the board executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer & Registrar). Please review the position descriptions below, as written by the member currently fulfilling the role. There is always the potential for some flexibility within the role if needed to meet the goals of the association and the board.



  • Set up the new ringette season in RAMP (copy of the previous season) and edit and pricing changes. RAMP is the registration system we use. Provide registration updates to the board.
  • Answer any questions we might get about registration, what age group to sign up to, etc. Once teams are formed, enter the Roster information into RAMP, basically assigning kids to teams and adding coaching staff information.
  • Set up any additional offerings such as Bust the Dust and 3 on 3 Spring ringette and providing updates on registration numbers.
  • Other than board meetings, estimate it is approximately 10hrs of computer work, busy times at set up in May and mid September when teams are being assigned.
  • Answering questions that come up from Board around registration numbers, coaches asking for roster changes.
  • Very manageable role for anyone with average/decent computer skills



  • Maintaining of CRA financial records
  • Act as CRA signing authority
  • Processes all bills and refunds throughout the season
  • Keeps accurate records using Quickbooks software
  • Deposit bank deposits
  • Process monthly referee payroll throughout the season
  • Manage CRA post office box
  • Prepare year- end financial report for annual AGM
  • Support / organize floats and cash flow for our home tournament
  • Attend monthly CRA board meetings


Coach Director

  • Collecting and organizing applications at the start of the season
  • Running the coach/manager meeting along side the Manager Director and working closely throughout the season
  • Appoint coaches and/or provide the selection committee with information if needed
  • Ensuring all coaches have proper documentation on file and training completed
  • Supporting coaches throughout the season (email, phone, in person)
  • Providing the coaches information passed on from RAB
  • Mediating any issues regarding coaches that come up during the season
  • Managing the coach coordinator email account and replying to emails in a timely manner
  • Ensuring that all information and documentation is kept updated
  • Attending regular meetings as a voting position of the CRA board


Athlete and Goalie Development

  • Coordinator with ice scheduler and registrar to plan:Bust the Dust - divide groups, find instructors, check plans for icetimes if required, send invoices for payment to treasurer (of instructors)
  • Powerskating- find instructors and junior instructors, send invoices to treasurer, allocate ice to teams, communication of ice schedule to instructors, coaches
  • Goalie development- ice allocation assistance for goalie development sessions, find instructor for goalie development, communication of schedule to instructor, coaches, goalies. U10- goalie instructors for practice time allocation send invoices to treasurer
  • 3 on 3 - This includes coordinating with registrar and ice scheduler to book ice and register players, divide groups, hire front desk- (provide instruction for game play, sign players in and allocate pinnies and collect, ensure goalies present -bring and collect equipment for goalies, assign bench parents and time clock, dispersal of treat after ice). Book referee for each session. Send invoices for payment :front desk and referees.
  • Book and organize any other development opportunities as approved by the board.
  • Attend the CRA board meetings as a voting position


Managers’ Director

  • Assist coaches in recruiting a volunteer into manager role at the start of the season
  • Create Manager and Head Coach contact list for all teams for communication
  • Run start-of-season manager’s informational meeting
  • Provide information and support to managers about tournaments, procedures, team duties, issues on teams etc.
  • Communicate schedules, information etc as needed to managers and head coaches
  • Organize and ensure commitment to attend playdowns are completed for teams
  • Ensure that all managers have completed Vulnerable Sector Checks and
  • Ensure all managers listed on TRF have completed Manager Certification
  • Share information back to the Executive from the perspective of Managers to assist in improving the association and the experience of players and parents
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Is a regular voting member of the Board of Directors


Communications Director

  • Attends monthly board meetings and has a vote on agenda items
  • Sends communications to the association via emails on a regular basis throughout the year using Ramp software
  • Updates the Cochrane Ringette website when required
  • Assists with yearly ringette tournament by adding tournament information to the website
  • Assist in updating policy documents when needed and uploading to the site
  • Manages emails for board members using Ramp software


Fundraising Coordinator

  • Organizes and initiates annual association wide bottle drive once teams are formed. This event raises funds as well as creates bonds at both a team and association level.
  • Assists the board and tournament coordinator(s) with our annual tournament, by setting up licensing with the AGLC.
  • Ensure volunteer sign in and out takes place for all AGLC raffle volunteers
  • Work with the association treasurer to complete any necessary reporting to AGLC following any licensed fund raising events (includes all raffle and casino reports)
  • Organize our casino including but not limited to coordination with AGLC and creating the volunteer sign up and tracking. There will be a CRA casino in the first quarter of 2023.
  • As a projected addition to this role we will be setting up an online 50/50 fundraising event. This will be set up and coordinated by the fundraising coordinator during the 2022/2023 season.
  • Voting position with CRA


Social Media Director

  • Be responsible for updating all CRA social media accounts on a regular basis. This includes, but is not limited to, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook platforms. Additional platforms subject to Board approval.
  • Must solicit and retrieve emails on a regular basis from all Team Staff to share stories/ pictures updates on social media sites in a timely fashion.
  • Will work closely with Recruitment/ Marketing and Communications to ensure sponsors and upcoming events are being properly advertised on social media, as well as local news releases.
  • Responsible for the hand out, collection, and retention of all Social Media FOIP forms from team managers, taking note of members not giving consent.
  • Manage the annual BCCT Social Media challenge, recruiting committee as seen fit.
  • Attend the Board Meetings of the CRA.
  • Voting position


Equipment Director

  • Inventory monitoring, distribution and collection of all the equipment for teams
  • Assisting in fitting goalie gear
  • Accessing any additional equipment from the storage facility in Cochrane arena when needed and requested by teams
  • Equipment distribution and collection takes place at Cochrane arena at a predetermined time/date.
  • Sourcing and purchasing new equipment as needed and approved on by the board
  • Voting position with CRA


U10/Step Coordinator Director

  • The main contact person for the U10 (AS, S1, S2, S3) teams in Cochrane. This director acts as a liaison between the U10 teams and the Cochrane Ringette board and Zone 2 U10 league.
  • Provides the incoming coaches/managers with basic information regarding the schedule, season, game format, etc. This person can also provide new coaches with coaching resources (sample practice plans, game format and rules, where to find such information, and any relevant contact information).
  • Responsible for sending out communication to the U10 teams as needed throughout the season (e.g. sending out game schedules when they are released, information regarding the Bunny Bash year end tournament, collecting any information as needed by the Cochrane Ringette Association board or the Zone 2 league).
  • This role is best suited for someone with some previous experience in the U10 division, and for someone that is able to communicate promptly and clearly via email.
  • Voting position


Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Director

  • Universal Athlete Assessments: Determine number of ice sessions needed (U10 practice sessions + U10 official sessions, U12 and U14 official sessions); schedule, coordinate, fill volunteer positions for on-ice and on-bench support, communicate UAAs schedule with U10, U12, and U14 players / families; run the on-ice UAA practice sessions for U10; run UAA "official" sessions for all U10,U12, U14 players; document and submit results to R.A.B. and provide to evaluation heads.
  • CRA Board member: Support CRA board in regular meetings for season planning, setting and reviewing policy, etc...
  • Coordination and communication with counterpart (ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE COORDINATOR) at Ringette Alberta on behalf of the CRA with respect to Long Term Athlete Development in the CRA and Ringette Alberta vision for LTAD
  • Voting position with CRA board




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