Name Position Contact
Laurie Ann Baker President president@cochraneringette.com
Chris Gall Vice President vicepresident@cochraneringette.com
Joyce Pearson Secretary secretary@cochraneringette.com
Andy Teskey Treasurer treasurer@cochraneringette.com
Kyla Stewart Registrar registrar@cochraneringette.com
Dylan Oosterveld and Jillian Wennekamp Zone 2 Rep zone2rep@cochraneringette.com
Nadine Yacey Ice Coordinator icecoordinator@cochraneringette.com
Heather Rinas Communications Director communicationsdirector@cochraneringette.com
Danni Martyn Coach Development coachdevelopment@cochraneringette.com
Dolly Abblitt Manager's Director managersdirector@cochraneringette.com
Linda Routhier Referee Assignor RefereeAssignor@cochraneringette.com
Niko Bergen Equipment Director equipmentdirector@cochraneringette.com
Jill Novak Fundraising Director fundraisingdirector@cochraneringette.com
Alyssa Bates and Crystal Jones Tournament Director tournamentdirector@cochraneringette.com
Shannon Borbandy LTAD Liaison ltadliaison@cochraneringette.com
Stacie Poffenroth U10 Step Program Director u10stepprogramdirector@cochraneringette.com
Ryan McKay Athlete/Goalie Development athletegoaliedevelopment@cochraneringette.com
Debra Chernesky Recruitment/Marketing recruitmentmarketing@cochraneringette.com


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